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 PCB assembly capability and equipment

SMT work shop

Standard SMT lines 7 Yamaha lines
PCB mounted types Rigid PCB, FPC, Flex-Rigid PCB,Aluminum PCB
Work shift 3
Chip mount accuracy +/- 0.03mm
PCB board mount largest size 480*510mm
Component mount packages 01005 - L80*W80*T20
Inspections SPI 3D, AOI (online), X-ray

DIP work shop

Wave assembly lines 2
Final assembly lines 2
Work shift 2
Test  ICT,FCT,burn-in 

Small and Serial Production
We carry out both small and serial installments in our production

Fast Turn Assembly
Due to powerful equipment, the installation of large-scale batches takes the shortest possible time

Installation site services

• Automatic/mixed assembly of SMD components (lead, lead-free, and combination assembly)

• Automated output assembly (production of LED panels)

• Assembly of prototypes and small batches (semi-automatic and manual assembly)

• Wire processing, harness and cable assemblies manufacturing

• Moisture protection with varnish and filling with compound

• Manual installation of outlet components

• Stencil production

• X-ray quality control of soldering

• Surface and outlet mounting

PCB Assembly Services: Stages of installation
Solder paste application

Much attention is paid to this stage since the main defects in the technological chain arise precisely when problems with the application of solder paste. We use screen printing printers to apply the solder paste.

Installing components

To install the components, we use two types of automatic insertion machines: revolving and gantry. They combine maximum precision, the ability to adjust settings, and high production volumes.

SMT Assembly Line


• Allows to reduce the length of the leads and increase the density of the arrangement of components on the boards, which significantly improves the quality of the transmission of weak and high-frequency signals;

• Increased manufacturability and productivity;

• The speed of installing components on a printed circuit board - 2000 components per hour;

• The ability to manufacture small-sized printed circuit boards with the installation of small components.

Line capabilities:

• Piece and small-scale assembly of printed circuit boards;

• Installation of all kinds of SMD components (0201, 0402, BGA, QFN, etc.);

• Replacing components on already soldered boards.

Technical requirements:

1. Requirements for PCB blanks:

• Thickness from 1mm to 5mm;

• Dimensions of the PCB blank: for an automatic solder paste dispenser no more than 250mm x 250mm (for larger sizes there is a manual solder paste dispenser); for an automatic installer, the maximum size is 500mm x 500mm;

• The presence of technological fields on the workpiece, at least 5 mm wide.

2. Equipment requirements:

• Components for the manufacture of boards are accepted only in their original packaging (tapes, pencil cases, pallets);

• It is possible to use the contractor's components

3. Requirements for design documentation:

• Dor automatic mounting of boards, GERBER files are accepted for each technological layer of the board in the RS-274-X (mm, 3.3) format, indicating the layer name, project name, date, type, and class of the board;
• When ordering, the nomenclature, quantity, type, and a class of boards, the manufacturing program, and the specification of design data must be indicated.

Assembly of printed circuit boards is one of the main services that our company provides.

Thanks to high-tech equipment, automated BGA assembly lines with a total capacity of up to 160,000 components per hour, modern soldering equipment and materials, KingFord PCB allows you to carry out all types of PCB assembly, as well as the entire cycle of related work:

• Urgent assembly of printed circuit boards;
• Serial assembly of printed circuit boards;
• Production of prototypes pcb assembly;
• Functional testing;
• Separation of boards after installation;
• Lead-free installation;
• Tracing of printed circuit boards.

Our Top Quality Assembly Capabilities
Assembly capabilities installation is carried out at the highest professional level within a strictly agreed time frame, regardless of the complexity and volume of the order. The PCB assembly technology we use may vary depending on the purpose of the PCB and the customer's wishes.

PCB assembly cost
The quoted prices for automatic and manual PCB assembly may vary depending on the technology used, the manufacturing time, and the complexity of the installation. For a detailed calculation, you must provide the technical documentation of the project. Our experts will calculate the cost based on the installation technology most acceptable for your project.

Types of PCB mounting
Based on the density of the components on the board, as well as the seriality of the product, one of the types of installation is carried out:

◉ Automatic SMD - assembly - appropriate for medium and large orders.

SMD installation is carried out by us using automatic component installers), which allows us to install SMD components of various types with high accuracy and speed. To eliminate the possibility of defects associated with the application of solder paste, we use stencils.

◉ DIP pin - mounting

To implement DIP-mounting technology, we use modern digital soldering stations that accurately maintain the operating temperature and protect against static electricity.

Also, depending on the volume of the order, we carry out DIP-assembly of printed circuit boards manually or using automatic element installers. For large batches, we use a selective soldering or wave soldering machine.

Benefits of choosing a qualified installation
As part of the service, the company's customers have access to the urgent or serial installation of products manufactured both in a single copy and in a pilot batch of any volume. The availability of modern equipment and high qualifications of specialists, at the same time, will allow you to obtain an optimal result, as well as several advantages, including:

• Execution of the order in a strictly agreed time frame;
• Control over each stage of installation even when executing a large order;
• Availability of discounts, promotions, and special offers for regular customers.

High-quality assembly of printed circuit boards, which can be ordered on the company's website, is available at a favorable price. The cost of the order, in this case, is formed depending on the density of the placement of components and the seriality of the product.

You can find out more about the possibilities by receiving a free specialist consultation. All the necessary information is also available on the company's website.

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