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Definition of power circuit board

The power circuit board mainly refers to a motherboard that handles power. Power boards are used in many electronic products, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. A power board or a power circuit is usually installed inside the power board, this is because the power supply voltage we provide for equipment is mostly 220Vac, 50HZ AC voltage, or 115Vac, 60HZ power supply used in European and American countries or 115Vac, 400HZ voltage used in avionics. However in electronic equipment, the operating voltage required by the internal components is +5Vdc, +3.3Vdc, -5Vdc, +12Vdc, +15Vdc, 26Vdc or other operating voltages. Most of these voltages are DC voltages and have low operating voltages. A power supply circuit is needed in the equipment to convert the external high-voltage AC into the low-voltage DC and AC required by the internal components of the equipment.


Configuration components in the power pcba board

The power board is generally equipped with electrolytic capacitors, safety capacitors, optocouplers, common mode inductors, ordinary inductors, ceramic capacitors, rectifier bridges and switches. Of course, there are also basic components transformers, diodes and transistors that will be equipped in common electrical appliances.


Precautions for power board layout

(1)A power loop part

The most important part of the power board is the power loop part. When laying out, you should first know the nature of the power part of the circuit. In the power supply, the power circuit is mainly divided into di/dt circuit and dv/dt circuit, these two circuits the method of routing is different in the layout.

(2)The driving part

The line of the driving part must first consider the area of the entire driving circuit, as small as possible, away from the interference source, and as close as possible to the driven part.

(3) Sampling signal

In the power board, some sampling signals like voltage sampling and current sampling are also very important, because the accuracy of these signals is directly related to the control end. All these sampling signals should avoid other signals as much as possible. If possible, these sampled signals can be sampled differentially, and a complete ground plane can be given to them in the corresponding wiring place.

(4)The treatment of ground

No matter what kind of board it is on, the handling of the ground is very important. In the power board, the ground is relatively complicated, because in many cases, the ground for the high current of the power part and the ground for some small currents of the control part are shared, so the processing of these grounds is very important at this time. In dealing with these places in the experience, the key is to choose a correct single-point connection.

(5)Safety regulations

Safety regulations are indispensable in the design of power products. The corresponding safety regulations and requirements of different countries and regions are also different, and the pollution level and altitude of the application environment will compare the distance required by the safety regulations. Great influence, so we must figure out these factors at the beginning of the design.

(6)Heat dissipation

For those systems with relatively large power, heat dissipation is also very important. Under normal circumstances, it must be well matched with the structure. Before designing, it is necessary to understand the heat dissipation method of the overall structure.

(7)Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

The main thing is to avoid sudden changes in the trace width of some power parts. If you need to turn, try to make the corners as smooth as possible, don't make sudden changes. There are sometimes large currents, small currents, and some of the sampled signals. It is to share the same network, but do not share the same circuit when you freely route the cables. It is better to use separate circuits. 


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