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Definition and application of communication pcba board

The communication pcba board is a kind of PCBA, which is mainly used in the fields of wireless network, transmission network, data communication and fixed-line broadband, manufacturing base station equipment, OTN transmission equipment, routers, switches, servers, OLT, ONU and other equipment. High-speed multilayer boards and high-frequency microwave boards are the main products.


Classification of communication

1)Wired communication

Wired communication refers to the need for cable connection between the transmission of communication equipment, that is, the use of overhead cables, coaxial cables, optical fibers, audio cables and other transmission media to transmit information.

The biggest advantage of wired communication equipment is strong anti-interference, high stability, certain confidentiality, fast transmission rate, and unlimited bandwidth; wired communication is greatly affected by the environment, has weak scalability, has attenuation, and is difficult to construct. Poor mobility and high cost. It is also vulnerable to damage by outsiders.

Currently commonly used wired communication equipment includes: computers, televisions, telephones, PCMs, optical transceivers, switches, routers, etc.

2)Wireless communication

Wireless communication refers to communication that does not require physical connection lines, that is, a communication method that uses the characteristics of electromagnetic wave signals that can propagate in free space for information exchange.

The biggest advantage of wireless communication equipment is the environment. It does not need to be restricted by lines. It has a certain degree of mobility. It can communicate through wireless connections in a mobile state, with low construction difficulty and low cost; but wireless communication equipment has weak anti-interference and transmission rate Slower, limited bandwidth, limited transmission distance, low cost. However, the current wireless communication is changing the corresponding technology to make the transmission rate higher (802,11n rate can reach 100Mbps not lower than wired communication), more stable and convenient, so wireless communication equipment will be the development trend.

Wireless communication equipment: satellite, radio station, wireless TV (on bus or subway), wireless local area network, mobile phone (mobile phone), mobile phone GPRS Internet access, etc.


The development direction of communication technology

From the current development situation, wireless communication has been applied on a larger scale. In the future, wireless communication technology will be combined with a variety of new technologies for multi-distance real-time transmission, and communication methods in many fields will inevitably change to wireless communication. With the advent of the Internet of Things technology(IOT) and the 5G era, pcb for communication and communication pcba are bound to usher in further explosive growth, and the communication field and communication boards will account for a greater proportion of the entire PCBA industry.


The advantages of XiMo

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