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XiMo provides one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly medical equipment solutions for leading medical equipment companies. We serve medical companies of all sizes. Smaller or more professional medical companies are our main target customers. If you are looking for a one-stop medical PCB assembly and manufacturing solution, XiMo is your best choice. Our company strictly implements the ISO13485 international management system standard to provide high-reliability PCB manufacturing and assembly services for the medical industry.


XiMo Medical PCB Assembly Capability

XiMo provides all customers with complete PCB medical assembly services, such as ISO 13485 system, PCB manufacturing, smt patch and assembly testing. We will provide customers with a wide range of services from fully automated assembly to skilled manual inspection and testing equipment. Our internal automation team works with you by accessing your program, whether it involves a fully automated unit, or a simple desktop fixture. This helps you meet your strict needs by building a cost-effective solution. In Kingford, we aim to improve the reliability and quality of our products while minimizing costs and marketing time.More than 20 years of experience and a modern equipment park allow us to carry out assembly of printed circuit boards of any complexity, using all the most common types of medical pcb assembly:

•  PCB Fabrication and lay out

•  Components Sourcing

•  PCB Assembly (SMT+DIP)

•  PCB assembly testing

•  Turnkey assembly+Final testing

•  Packaging and shipment

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We can also provide you with the pcb master of your medical electronic project.
This type of service can offer you numerous advantages for the realization first of all of an optimized printed circuit and therefore of an assembled finished product of superior quality.
Starting from the idea alone, we can make your board quickly and at low cost.
We can make the 3D rendering of your project to optimize the volume and spaces of the electronic board produced; thanks to this the customer will be able to avoid making mistakes in the creation of any case.


Advantages of surface mount technology when assembling medical equipment

As far as Smt technology is concerned, we are able to produce high density moldings with particular components such as BGA.

Manufacturers developing circuits use surface mount technology (SMT) to assemble all PCB components only on a flat surface. Therefore, no through holes are involved when installing components. The core advantage of SMT is that it can be easily automated.

Automated surface mounting is much easier than soldering tiny prime numbers on small holes. Some other advantages of using SMT when assembling PCBs for medical equipment are as follows:

• Less drilling is required to make the holes required by the PCB.

• Parts can be aligned on both sides of the circuit board.

• Its components take up less space because they are much smaller.

• SMT has an incredible density than older components.

• SMT has better performance in continuous motion and vibration.

• All SMTs are very small, therefore they perform better. This makes their manufacturing process simple and simple.


• Board assembly in mixed, traditional and SMT technology on component side and / or soldering

• Repair and rework of SMT electronic boards with hot air soldering / desoldering station.


• Traditional electronic boards assembly.

• Double wave welding.

• Selective welding in inert atmosphere.

• Mechanical parts assembly.

• Complete assembly of electrical and electronic equipment with final product testing.

Our customers range from medical to telecommunications, from industrial automation to automotive to reach research centers, universities and the military.


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Our Medical PCBA products are widely used in the following categories

•  Clinical diagnostic

•  Imaging systems (CT, MRT, PET, X-Ray, Ultrasound transcranial doppler system)

•  Monitoring

•  Surgery Pacemaker

•  Therapy systems (Ventilator, Ultrasound etc.)

•  Home care Oximeter

•  Laboratory

•  Dental

•  Ophthalmology

•  Otolaryngology 


Why chose XiMo Medical PCB Assembly

Our medical PCB assembly services ensure high quality, reliability and traceability. Over the years, XiMo’s professional technicians have manufactured medical products in accordance with the quality standards required by medical electronics manufacturing companies.But what differentiates us from others?

• We have always been specialized in the production of small and medium batches of medical electronic boards production.

• Our specialization in the field of medical electronic assembly focuses on "prototyping and small production batches"

• We have 100 professional technical teams with more than 10 years of experience in PCB assembly, which can guarantee the high stability and reliability of medical products from the technical level.

• We are specially equipped for the medical industry with a full set of advanced automated production equipment and precision inspection equipment.

• Our company strictly in accordance with the IPC standard management and control, to ensure that the qualified rate of shipment quality is 100%.

At XiMo, we are responsible for the assembly of medical PCBs and the manufacturing of products, so you can spend more time developing business and marketing medical equipment. Even if you only need to assemble a small amount of equipment, we can quickly and accurately meet your needs. To learn more about how XiMo can help you, please contact us: