Kingford offers Functional Testing (FCT) with its turn-key assembly services. Functional testing usually is performed after the circuit boards are assembled and AOI & visual inspections are finished. Early testing allows us to find and correct component failures, assembly defects or potential design issues at an early stage and make troubleshooting as quick as possible. Finally, customers can deliver a perfect product to their clients in a short time frame. Functional testing is done mainly to avoid assembly issues including shorts, opens, missing components or the installation of incorrect parts.


Functional testing is enabled by testing software, often referred to as firmware, and testing instruments such as digital multimeters, input/output PCBs, communication ports, testing jig and so on. Automated computer-based Functional Testing (FCT) is accomplished by assembly line operators who utilize testing software that interfaces with external instruments to monitor the devices under test.

PCBA FCT test mainly tests the following items:

1. Whether the voltage and current meet the design requirements

2. After programming the MCU , input user actions and check whether the output is normal

3. Full function test at turnkey assembly end


With the test instructions and firmware, Kingford could provide 100% FCT test for you.