Most Reliable Consumer Electronics PCB Assembly in China-Kingford

How to find some of most reliable consumer electronics PCB Assembly suppliers in China? As the old saying, neither gold nor silver prize is as valuable as the people's praise. Many customers prefer to friends’ recommendation,not only in personal items, but also working things, such as supplier chain. Kingford, as one of most reliable PCB Assembly suppliers, is often recommended to loyal clients’ friends. Each year 30% of our new customers are from loyal customers’ recommendation, which is from more than consumer electronics for turnkey assembly, but also medical industry, IOT, automotive and so.

Kingford aims to provide excellent consumer electronic assembly services globally, with fast response, competitive price, better quality, delivery on time and good after-sales service etc as possible we can. That is why our customers from all the world would like to introduce their friends to us as well. Here we’d appreciate their trust us in offering turnkey circuit board assembly, for consumer electronics circuit assembly.


1) We Offer Fast Response for Our Customers

We response our loyal customers or potential customers fast on working days, but aslo during holiday time. Especially for consumer electronics , the time is golden. Fast quotation and fast checking available production time and delivery time are very important. Every minute counts.

2) We Offer Competitive Price for Our Customers

As we know, the price of consumer electronics industry is always very competitive. How to make our customers with better price, without compromised quality, we have been committed to making it possible. The robot to solder car USB charges are one of long term projects, which improve the production speed with better price successfully.

3) We offer Good Quality for Our Customers

Consumer electronics are usually with big quality for production in tens of thousands or more.

We check all PCBA boards with AOI in 100% for each PCBA board to make sure good quality first, although their quality is big.

4) We Delivery Goods on time

We delivery goods as we confirmed with our customers, if without any accident.

All of our Chinese customers,we delivery all goods in SF Express for small package. The shipping cost of SF is the most expensive in China, but it is fastest. We also will drive to customers’ office to send bulk goods. For other countries or area, we also try some probability if it need.

5) We Offer Good After-sales Service

We value each customer’s complaint and try our best to solve the problem, Once we received the complaint feedback from our customer

6) We Are Professional Team

As PCB Assembly manufacturer, we not only just manufacture PCB or PCBA according to customers’ design, but also we find the bug to remind of our customer or give better solution. 

Now are you ready well to try Kingford’team service? Pls donot hesitate to contact us.