XiMo PCB Manufacturing Range(What we do):

We focus on rigid PCB, MCPCB from 1 to 2 layer and FR4 PCB from 1 layer to 22 layers; For multi-layer PCB, we are mainly to manufacture impedance controlled PCB and HDI PCB. Those PCBs are widely used for LED lighting, IOT medical,automotive,powercommunication, industrial control etc.


XiMo PCB Specification(What we can do)

Item Printed Circuited Board Specification
Base Material Aluminum,FR-4, High Tg,High CTI;Halogen free, High frequency(rogers,taconic,PTFE,nelcon,ISOLA,polyclad 370 HR); Thick copper
Layers 1-22 Layers
Finised inner/outer copper thickness 0.5-6OZ
Finished board thickness 0.2-7.0mm
Soldermask Green,Blue, Black,White and Red etc
Legend White,Black,Grey, Yellow etc
Surface treatment OSPHASLLead free HASLENIG: Au 1-10U’’ENEPIGImmersion TinImmersion silver: 0.1-1.2umPeelable blue maskCarbon inkGold plating
Controlled Impedance Yes
Outline profile Rout/ V-cut/ Bridge/ Stamp hole/Punch
Plugging vias Yes
Buried & Blind Via Yes
Other More detail, pls contact us



How to get fast PCB quotation response from us

1) Send PCB file(Gerber, PROTEL 99SE, PROTEL DXP, CAM350, ODB+(.TGZ) and PCB specification to sales@kingfordpcb.com, Kingford sales department will reply you within 24 hours

2)Cick the below, and leave your message.